qmA country boy at heart, from "The Dixie" also known as Alabama, I am a huge Alabama, Crimson Tide Football Fan. My Dad saw to it as he claims my first word was Bama (glowing with pride). My parents divorced when I was 5, which moved me to California, and over time, moving between the 2 states, I eventually graduated high school and went to my Freshman year of college in Alabama. I moved to California with the idea of playing football and continuing my college education. In 1997 I was hired at a construction equipment rental company, and it changed the course of my life. Fast forward over 20 years later and the majority of those years have been spent building a career with this company. Had it not been for taking this job, there is a large possibly I’d never have met the woman who has since become my wife. How did we meet? Well, that's a funny story! Her last day of work at the company was my first day on the job, but she called in sick. I was actually hired to replace her. I had spoken with her on the phone, and soon later a mutual friend from work had asked us to babysit his kids together. Life is so funny sometimes, had I not taken this job, I would have never been asked to babysit a group of children and thus never met my wonderful wife. Yes, we met babysitting, haha!

Thank you for visiting this page and listening to my podcast. I am excited to share with you my journey and help you get where you want to be.

Roll Tide!

Weight Loss Journey

The Man, The Beef, The Legend.

mb logoMy journey to better health began in 2009. As a nearly 400lb man, I saw myself on camera and realized a few things. I was a fraud, I was sad and defeated. I believed in everyone but me. I was void of self-worth because of my weight, I saw myself as a failure in all the things I did because of

  1. I was on a path to an early death, as a Husband and a Father of 8 that was just unacceptable. I needed to find a reason to rise, and by golly, I did.

For years I had been a yo-yo dieter, and like many a people, I got so frustrated with being a big fat pile of mush. I can remember feeling so trapped. Being overweight was so demoralizing to me, it’s something I couldn’t get away from. It was like every waking hour was a reminder inside this body, the pressure, the pain of merely trying to breathe, walk, play, and yeah the mobility even to have sex. At one point, I finally gave up and said: “I am just going to take my hands off the wheel and eat whatever, whenever, and however much I want, I am tired of trying.” It was that destructive mindset that caused me to balloon up to nearly 400lbs (in all honesty, I believe I was over 400lbs, I just didn’t have it in me to check). I was in a self-development course called Living Life by Design. Part of this course had you standing in front of everyone talking about you, your past, and your present. It had you reveal your most embarrassing,  disappointing, and challenging moments while they recorded you on video. I am so grateful I saw myself on camera in such a vulnerable state because it truly spoke to the heart of  who I had actually become. I was a happy go lucky entertainer with jokes and a heart full of joy, but on the inside.. not so much.

I took matters into my own hands and did the best I could with the knowledge I was equipped with, and I am so glad I decided to start, Thank you P90X. There are 3 events that I feel were critical for me in walking out this path. The video I did, The Biggest Loser, and the day I met PJ Bowen. My brother and I decided we would make a go at the biggest loser. At the time he was living back home in Alabama while I was living in California, there was a tryout a few hours away from where I lived. A bus ride, the swine flu, and an overnight stay in my 15 passenger family van were all we needed to make it happen. The producers loved us, we were interviewed by the paper, and the crowd thought for sure we were all but in, and so did we - but it didn’t go our way, and Josh returned to Alabama “AND THEN” we got a callback! Josh and I sand to the producer over the phone, and she wanted us on the show, we were confident it was a done deal until it wasn’t. Again, we got rejected.

We decided at that moment to build a community for all those rejected! We became “The Biggest Loser Rejects,” which eventually became The Moran Brothers, our weightloss journey for all to see. My brother and I made it a friendly competition, accountability, and outlet to inspire others to do the same. During our one year  “Videoverssary,” I asked my brother what was his most notable moment thus far, he said and I quote “The day I started” that hit me right in the heart. 10yrs later and it is still one of the most important things I have heard in my life with this health journey, heck with any endeavor I’ve undertaken in personal development. The decision to start.

The 3rd event was meeting PJ Bowen (physicaljunkiesports.com); she is a local Nutritionist and trainer in the town where I live. It was working with her that awakened the athlete in me, that Alpha competitive “Manbeast” that has fueled me to rebuild inner trust, self-discipline, and a Hunger for health. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done, she became and has remained a dear friend of mine. In all my years of sports and fitness, I have yet to find a coach as selfless and dedicated, as she is to her people.

What’s interesting, I hadn’t been as sick as when I decided to get healthy. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. Over the past decade, I have made many changes to my approach, it was after a severe flare-up of diverticulitis that I began my low carb journey in 2014. I didn’t know what the Keto diet was, but it was my many hours of research that led me to this point. I was in search of something that focused on reducing inflammation in my body and protecting my heart, my brain, and my joints. This is where I’ve landed after 5 years and countless iterations, and now I have finally settled on the Carnivore Keto lifestyle, and I have honestly never felt better. Mentally, physically, no more brain fog, grogginess, joint pain, and stomach aches. Away with colds and the stomach flu, it has transformed me, and I am better because of it.

To say the least; the scale and I have been at odds since I was 8.5. I think they weighed me last to avoid some embarrassment (maybe that was the reason). 142lbs, Flash forward to the summer after turning 10 and Signing up for football with the Hueytown Golden Bears. The weight limit was 120lbs, and I was still a hardy 142. Too big for the 10yr olds, so I had to lose weight to play with the teenage group (I think this really helped me for my future football endeavor, haha!). Then, 6th grade, 12 years old, standing in the locker room of my high school’s football team, after stepping on the scale and not once but twice the number is called out in front of everyone, 196lbs! I was mortified! The lesson in all this is that- if you’re chasing a number on the scale, you might scratch and claw your way to success, but truthfully, it doesn’t tell the whole story. It is great to have goals, set them up and knock them down, by all means, dominate them sons-uh-guns; however, the most crucial goal is for healing your body. I love what Dr. Eric Berg says, being overweight is a symptom of being unhealthy; it is not the reverse. Heal yourself, and your hormones and the symptoms will naturally vanish.

I look forward to strengthening myself through knowledge and experience and helping others exceed their  expectations on this journey as well. To use a worn-out phrase, this is truly one of my passions, and I intend to pay it forward for those who’ve invested in me. Thanks for reading.