Are you interested in having Quincy come and speak at your church, men's conference or marriage event?

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Quincy has over four years of podcasting experience and is currently reaching over 97 countries!

He has spoken at various events and meetings within his current 9-5 over the last 23 years as a professional. The topics include safety, self-development, teamwork, leadership, business development, and sales development.

As a high school football coach for nearly a decade, Quincy taught, coached, mentored and trained young men, challenging them to develop their minds and athletic abilities. After pursuing Biblical Education at the Welton Academy, Quincy spent three years speaking as a minister, five years publicly speaking about weight loss via YouTube and five years on air as a radio co-host on Realife Music. Prior to this, he also spent two years speaking as a youth leader in his first few years back in California.

Through this, the world of personal development and Marriage Coaching opened wide and set me on a journey that has truly redefined and redesigned my life. The impact was so inspiring that I had to tell the world.

I’m grateful for my wife’s consent because I am opening up to you about our marriage- the Good, Bad, and Ugly, so that you can look at where I’ve been and take your marriage from where ever it is right now to AS GOOD AS YOU WANT IT TO BE!

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